Sweet Addictions

Welcome to my healthy food blog! This is foods for people who are gluten free, have candida issues, trying to lose weight, or just overall trying to eat healthier! You will find that most of my recipes have healthier sugar subsitutes like stevia, xylitol, or honey, and I try to use coconut flour, ground flaxseed, and nut flours instead of grains. If you have recipies to submit, please do! Just make sure that they follow with the general theme of the blog. To find the recipe, just click on the permalink. :) Enjoy, Bon Appetiet! Now that you know me, you should follow me, or you could get to know me, Ask me anything. Looking for something?

I was craving an hot weather exam-stress sweet treat, but really didn’t want to go over on calories or sugar or fat with any chocolatey goodness, so I made myself these beautiful delicate sweet treats instead- SO GOOD. I felt like a goddess eating them they looked so magical. This is a good treat to eat when your friends all order huge ice cream sundaes and you are watching out for bikini season. THEY’LL be the ones jealous of how pretty your food is.
I used:
Zest and juice of two limes
Zest and juice of one lemon
Three stevia packets
Water, how much depends on taste (depending on how strong you like your limes)
Edible flowers - available in any salad section at the grocery store.
Mix it all together! It makes about 6 ^ that sized popsicles.
Some variation ideas that could taste even better, could be substituting flavored coconut water for the water, fruit juice, flavored seltzer, or even vanilla almond milk or something similar. Happy summer!